FAMILY HISTORY: Aunt Lillian Ho 02

Wed, Apr 8th, 2015 4:03:25 pm

          My Aunt Lillian was close to her three sisters, Nellie, Winnie, and Ruth.
          But, oh, what lives they led!
          Lillian was one of the first Chinese women in the United States to get a divorce.
          In 1924, Nelie, a married woman, was having an affair with David Lew, a lawyer and prominent figure in Vancouver's Chinatown when he was gunned down on the street. The murderer was never found. Nellie later married a staff member of China's consulate in the United States.
          Winnie, trained as a mid-wife, married Raymond Ing, a restaurant man in Chicago in 1922, and took her two children to Shanghai to live. But they fled for their lives when the Japanese bombed that city in 1932.  Winnie later had a long career in sales at Chicago's renowned Marshall Field's Department Store.
          Ruth trained as a nurse in the United States, and went to work in China, but died there. Lillian's older brother Samuel, trained as an electrical engineer in Milwaukee, and also went to work in China. He later settled in Toronto.
          In the photos, you can follow the sisters from c1915, c1925, c1935 and 1962.

from left: Nellie, Lillian and Winnie, c1915
from left: Lillian, Nellie and Winnie, c1925
Lillian and Winnie, c1935
from left: Nellie, Winnie and Lillian, 1962
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