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           My new book CHINESE FAIRY TALE FEASTS: A LITERARY COOKBOOK, will be released in late November 2014 by Tradewind Books in Canada and by Interlink Publishing Group in the United States.  It is part of a series that has featured JEWISH FAIRY TALE FEASTS: A LITERARY COOKBOOK, with tales retold by Jane Yolen.
         I'm going to blog about food and books from a Chinese-Canadian perspective, one shaped by my growing up in North America, but touched in many ways by China.
          You'll get a sense of this perspective from my list of three favorite, most-used cookbooks. They are the 1997 edition of JOY OF COOKING, which tells you everything you need to know for the kitchen, MILLIE CHAN'S KOSHER CHINESE COOKBOOK (1990), because my partner doesn't eat pork, and Ken Hom's CHINESE TECHNIQUE (1981) because it features home-style dishes from my childhood.
          Millie Chan's book contains a fabulous recipe for duck salad, easy to make if you can buy fresh barbecued duck from a Chinese store. The zesty dressing always impresses my guests.
          JOY OF COOKING reduced my holiday stress around entertaining by teaching me to brine the turkey before roasting it. We haven't had dry, overcooked turkey in fifteen years.
          Ken Hom taught me the Chinese basics: how to cook Chinese broccoli (gai-lan) , white-cut chicken and its ginger & green onion sauce, soy-sauce chicken, and the can't-go-wrong braised beef brisket.  All my comfort foods.
          CFTF features some of these dishes, so I hope the book will become a favorite for others.

Cover: this king tries to persuade a talented cook to come to the palace.
Crisp Tofu and Stir-fried Baby Bok Choy (preparation)
Glazing the tofu adds a special touch.
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