Struggle and Hope: the Chinese in Canada (1996)


Part One:         Early Generations, 1858-1967

Chapter 1        From Faraway

Chapter 2        First Arrivals: 1858-1923

Chapter 3        Anti-Chinese Racism: 1858-1923

Chapter 4        Community Development, 1911-1947

Chapter 5        Transitions, 1947-1967

Part Two:        Recent Times, 1967 – Present

Chapter 6        A New Community: Background, 1967-1991

Chapter 7        A New Community: Homelands

Chapter 8        The Community Today

Chapter 9        Some People to Meet

Chronology:    The Chinese in Canada

Chronology:    The Chinese Throughout History

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" excellent book that should be part of every junior high and high school library and multicultural curriculum.  It is especially important reading material for each successive generation of young Chinese-Canadians who will be dealing with issues of ethnicity and cultural identity." 
--Quill and Quire

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