Tales from Gold Mountain

This collection is based on the tumultuous and brave history of the Chinese immigrants to Canada. Drawing on the real background of the Chinese role in the gold rush, the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the settling of the west coast in the nineteenth century, Yee has created eight original stories that combine the rough-and-tumble adventure of frontier life with the rich folk traditions that these immigrants brought from China.


Awarded National Chapter of Canada IODE Book Award 1989

Awarded Sheila A. Egoff Children's Book Prize, 1990

Awarded 1990 Parents Choice Honor for Story Books

American Library Association (ALA) Notable Book

Shortlisted: Mr. Christie's Book Prize

Shortlisted: Ruth Schwartz Award

Shortlisted: Canadian Library Association Book of the Year

Shortlisted: Max and Greta Ebel Memorial Award, 1990

Selected Excerpts from Reviews

"...skillfully blends his own family traditions with history to produce an imaginative, eloquent and surprising collection of stories."
"...ghost stories, romances, tall tales--should appeal to adults as well as children."
--Globe and Mail, 1990

"Eight original stories recall traditional folktales in their tension, expression of universal characteristics such as love and greed, and illumination of human foibles. The level of sophistication, in both story and picture, of Tales from Gold Mountain provides entertainment for the adult, who will appreciate the excellence of the writing, and for the child...."
--Books in Canada, December 1989

"...has taken history and turned it into legend. The stories present the 19th-century Chinese experience in a Canada in a way that transcends a mere recitation of historical fact -- they give it a spiritual depth." --KIDS TORONTO, January 1990

"...the stories are mesmerizing and masterful portraits of a strong, dedicated people. The stunning paintings by Simon Ng which accompany the stories are equally fascinating and powerful."
--Vancouver Sun

"Most do not dwell on bad memories but preserve the rich folk traditions, dreams, loyalties and life situations of an immigrant community. Ng's paintings are formal--stylized, clear-edged and of real impact. This book deserves a wide audience."
--Toronto Star, 1989

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