Shu-Li and Tamara (2008)

(for Grades 2 to 4)

Summary:  Shu-Li’s family moved to Canada from China two years ago.  They now run a Chinese deli in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area.  Her classmate, Tamara, recently moved into the neighbourhood.  The two girls become good friends, but an ugly rumour threatens their relationship.


“…charming black-and-white line drawings enliven the text and make the story accessible for beginning readers.  …ultimately this is a story of loyalty and friendship that all children can relate to.”  
--Canadian Children’s Book News, Volume 31 Number 1, Winter 2008

“…[the story] crosses ethnic and class boundaries as well as the prejudices that they encounter because of their backgrounds.  The story exemplifies a friendship based on trust and openness as well as the benefits of such a friendship….   Readers will come away from this book with… a good sense of the multicultural neighbourhood in which these two girls live.”   
Volume 14 Number 8, December 2007.

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